Have you ever asked yourself “why” you do what you do?…I was asked this exact question recently and it forced me to dive deep into the core of my business. It was a great reminder of why BOXED exists in the first place.
It's not about money, not about being famous or popular…it’s about helping others give. Giving has always been an important part of my life. It is truly the best way I know to express gratitude, appreciation, or to simply make someone’s day. The joy of picking the gift, the excitement of knowing that it will be delivered to a loved one's front door as a surprise, and the pleasure of knowing they will have a huge smile when they open the box…all of it is “why” BOXED exists and why I care so much about our mission to make gift giving the most seamless and thoughtful experience.   We also pride ourselves in supporting small businesses, which is why 90% of our products are from small, handmade shops. So when you purchase a gift box from us, you are supporting the makers, the doers, the up-all-nighters.


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